"Put your phone on vibrate and stick it in your panties ;)"  

#Submission #SextMeBack

Submission: “Oh my! Your going to stretch out my ass with that thing! :)))” #SextMeBack

Submission: “Damn I want to fuck them titties!!!” #SextMeBack

Overheard today: “If you give me the A, I’ll give you a standing O.”


"I wanna eat you like I’m on bath salts" hahahahhaha #SextMeBack #DMSubmission

"Will you fuck me after your game with a dip in tonight?" #PuckBunny #SextMeBack

"Im at Sunday dinner babe. My phone is between my legs though. Keep texting ;)" #SextMeBack 

"My cock your mouth, a match made in heaven." #SextMeBack

#Submission via DM: “Lol try this- “I want your big hard dick in my tight wet pussy until you cum inside me baby ( ;”“

Definitely a #SextMeBack #hot

Stop txting and come get inside me NOW!